gmt masterThe Rolex GMT Master History

a Rootbeer, a Pepsi or a Coke perhaps?

Or the choice between Pussy Galor and Sophie Laurant also known as the Fat Lady?

Rolex was approached by Pan Am with the wish of a watch with an extra hand with which pilots would be able to read of GMT time, the Greenwich Mean Time. Rolex already played with the idea to make watches for specific professions and sport and this was sparked into life with the request of Pan Am.
So when the world started to become smaller with aviation, Rolex expanded with the introduction of the GMT Master in 1954. Born out of an “ordinary” Turn-O-Graph the GMT had a different movement with the extra hand to set an extra time zone and a different bakelite bezel. This is the famous Ref. 6542, which was after appearing in the 1964 James Bond movie Goldfinger nicknamed “Pussy Galore” and “Pepsi” because of the red and blue coloring of the bezel .

The original GMT Master Ref. 6542 was produced until 1959 and then replaced by the Ref. 1675 which introduced the crown guards and was produced in more variety of colors and use of materials then the original as the 1675/8 all gold and the 1675/3 steel/gold, both known as the “Root beer” or as “Tigerauge” when having the brown dial.

The mean difference between the 1675 and the newly in 1981 introduced 16750 is the order of the hands changing from, GMT/Hour/Minute/Second to Hour/GMT/Minute/Second and the quickset feature. The dials of these 16750 came in mat or glossy but most of the mat dials were replaced for glossy ones making the mat dials a rare finding.

GMT Master II

A second GMT Master, the GMT Master II Ref 16760 is made from 1983 until 1988 and only comes in steel with the red and black bezel “Coke”. It has a thicker case then the original so gets the nickname Fat Lady and Sophie Loren. The new caliber 3085 in the GMT Master II makes for the 24-hour hand to be independently adjustable.

From 1989 onwards both watches undergo small changes in design. The Ref 16700 all new case with sapphire glass replaces the Ref 16750. The Ref 16760 is replaced by the Ref 16710 with the new 3185 caliber.

The production of the GMT Master is finished by Rolex in 1999 but it continuous the production and development of the GMT Master II. Being completely redesigned and presented on the 50th anniversary of the GMT in 2005 the Ref 116718LN all gold features the latest in watch precision and design like the ceramic bezel, parachrom blue hairspring, the triplock crown and the smoother and the more precise 3186 movement. And of course the all new GMT Master II anniversary is now available in all the, so well known and distinctive, color variations.

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