Rare LeCoultre Calculator Valjoux 72 E2647.

Ofcourse you can buy a Rolex, but if you really want to buy something special then this Rare LeCoultre Calculator Valjoux 72 E2647 may be for you. A very rare tool watch from the 1960s. With a matte mouse gray dial. The watch has a modest size and is therefore easy to wear by men and women. The case has a so-called ‘Tonneau’ shape and measures 38 X42 MM. The strap is from the NSA brand and has a special frost link. The double bezel can be used in various calculations. The watch comes from the era when there were no electronic calculators yet. The bezel has a small damage on the 4. Not disturbing but unfortunately these bezels can no longer be found. Just like the watch, actually. Again we have found another chronograph with the famous Valjoux 72 movement. An early version because it was already there before the first Rolex Daytona came in the shops. The LeCoultre company was founded by Antoine LeCoultre in 1833. He was an inventor who actually wanted to build a machine that could make pens. He taught himself to make watches. In fact, all watchmakers were inventors ;-). Jaeger became involved in 1937 and the Jaeger LeCoultre brand was born. Among others the makers of the famous ‘Reverso’. A rotatable watch of which you can also have the back at the top. But also the ‘Atmos‘ clock. Which can wind itself due to the differences in air pressure on earth. Despite the cooperation within JLC, Lecoultre also made his own timepieces such as this rare LeCoultre Calculator Valjoux 72. A unique piece of which very few are made. They are almost impossible to find. No Rolex Daytona but we dare to claim that this chronograph is rarer. LeCoultre has also supplied timepieces to Patek Philippe for years. There are collectors  who claim that LeCoultre timepieces are better than the timepieces in Patek Philippe, but we stay away from this discussion.