Vintage Omega Speedmaster Professional Pre-Moonwatch 145.012 uit 1967.

If you want to buy a special Omega, this Speedmaster might be something for you. The watch is from 1967 and is in very good condition. The plate is intact and has the gold Omega logo. This means that it is equipped with the famous 321 caliber. The timepiece is super clean and runs very well. This distinguishes itself from the other Omega speedmasters. Or the one and only Omega speedmaster for enthusiasts. According to our watchmakers, the hands and the bezel were once replaced during a service. Of course original Omega. It has a beautiful leather vintage strap with stitching at the ends. The case back naturally has the original Omega Seahorse logo. You will receive a watch box and an NLWatch guarantee card.

Omega is a Swiss watch brand with a very high reputation. And also a great history. Best known as purveyor to NASA. When plans were made to travel to the moon, NASA sent out a tender to a number of watchmakers. The watch had to be strong enough to withstand. There were several criteria. Among other things, temperature, high pressure, compression, vibration and of course accuracy. The Omega Speedmaster is heated to 93 degrees and then cooled again to -18. But also accelerated to 7.7G. Long story short, of all the watches, Omega won the contract from NASA. Eventually several space walks were made. And the chronograph went to the moon. The watch plays a major role in the movie ‘Apollo13‘ with Tom Hanks.

Now we offer you the chance to buy a piece of history. For still an affordable price compared to other major brands like Rolex or Patek. We give a full year warranty on this Vintage Omega Speedmaster Professional Pre-Moonwatch 145.012 from 1967. Of course you can always trade in your watch for this Omega. Provided, of course, that it fits within our collection.