Tudor Tiger 79260P rare waffle dial uit 1997.

On a brown leather strap, complete with box and NLWatch guarantee card. Tudor has a great history of making chronographs. In 1970 the famous brand launched the Tudor 7031. Also known as the “home plate”. Because of the markers that look like a baseball home plate. After that the so called  “Monte Carlo’s”  like the 7149/0, 7159/0 and 7069/0. These very colorful 2 register chronos are of great collector’s value and are no longer affordable. From 1976 the thick “big blocks” came into production. A very cool Rolex Daytona look alike but a lot thicker. Also called the “poor mans” Rolex Daytona. We can now omit that doorman’s because these Valjoux 7750 timepieces have also increased enormously. From 1991, Tudor became more independent. The plexiglass glass was replaced by sapphire and the cases became thinner. The timepiece remained the same. The 79260 was born. The sizes of the watch moved more towards the Rolex Daytona. For the last models made by Tudor, Tiger Woods had commited his face. With a sponsorship deal of 7 million, Tiger was the face of this chrono. Tudor Tiger 79260P rare waffle dial from 1997 is one of the last made. On a leather strap. The original end links are also included. This version is very special because of the plate. This one is soft gray and has vertical waves / waffle relief. With the red Tiger print it gives a very vintage look. It has a brown leather strap with modern push pins that make it very difficult to remove the strap. The watch runs within all COSC specification. Naturally you will receive a full year warranty from us. Trade-in of your brand watch is possible. What a beauty!