Rolex Sea-Dweller 16600 transitional tritium from 1998.

Do you want to buy a nice Rolex? Then this is a nice piece. With certificate. Bought straight from the wrist, but of course checked by our watchmakers. Runs 300 AMP and +2 sec per day. The watch has been worn in its 23 years but in great condition. The bracelet is hardly showing any signs of stretch. The case is super thick. The bezel inlay has a small scratch at 50, but absolutely not disturbing. After all, it is a utensil. A tool for the wrist.

The Rolex Sea-Dweller 16600 transitional tritium is the ultimate diving watch. There is simply no better. We dare to write that out in full. The case has the same diameter as a regular Rolex Submariner but is a lot thicker. That gives the watch body. Because this Rolex is water resistant to 1220M, the glass has no ‘Cyclop’. This is to ensure the strength of the sapphire. The case still has the classic pinholes and a helium escape valve on the left side of the case. Greater depths. It is known that 99% of Rolex dive watches are not used for diving, but it is a nice ‘to know’.

The previous owner only kept the cardboard outer box and the certificate (the most important one) is included. Furthermore, the leather folder and the guarantee booklet. But of course we at NLWatch do a full year warranty on top of that. That’s easy because this 1998 Rolex Sea-Dweller 16600 transitional tritium is the largest workhorse Rolex has ever made. They simply never breaks down. You can put this watch in the ground and dig it up again after 3 centuries and it will just start running again. This one has a tritium plate and is therefore a nice young timer.

These vintage Rolexes have increased in price enormously in recent years. So we understand it’s a big expense. But a very good portable investment. You can of course also trade in your watch (s) if they fit into our collection. You can buy a Rolex at NLWatch.