Rolex GMT-Master 116710LN from 2018 full set.

The new sport models from Rolex have taken an enormous rise in price.. There are several reasons for this. But one is that they simply hardly come for sale. Rolex delivers significantly fewer watches than in previous years. One consequence of this is that these timepieces are often sold above the ‘list price’. The new Rolex GMT for double the list price. We do not know what will happen in the future. Maybe they just come on the market again. One thing we know for sure is that this model is no longer made. The Rolex GMT-Master 116710LN from 2018 full set is discontinued. But a big modern  sport rolex. And this one for sure. One year old and a full set. The watch  was worn daily in that year and has a small scratch on the bezel, but it is almost invisible. (Again our macro lens does not help). Furthermore, everything is included. From tags to seals and inside and outside the box. The Rolex caliber 3186 runs like new and there is still a 4 year Rolex Warranty on the watch. In our opinion, an asset to the wrist and a safe investment.