Rolex Explorer 214270 large model 39MM from 2019.
The Rolex explorer 214270 is a mix of an Oyster Perpetual 39 and a Rolex Submariner no date. Slightly slimmer and therefore more elegant. This Rolex is from 2019 and has been worn only a few times. So actually can be considered as new. A Dutch dealer supplied Rolex with a 4-year factory warranty left on it. A watch without issues. All papers and certificates are included. Boxes and papers. A cool men’s watch but also for a woman. But then a very tough one ;-). With a diameter of 39MM, it is not inferior to a Rolex Submariner. The watch is completely scratch-free and looking for a new owner. You can also trade in your watches in on this model. You don’t have to wait because with NLWatch you can simply buy this Rolex Explorer 214270 large model from 2019.