This Rolex Explorer 16550 is the transition model between the 1655 and the 16570. Very shortly made. For years these Rolex 16550’s were not in the picture. But some years ago collectors found out that this was a very special model indeed. Not only produced very shortly but also with a variety of dials. For example the discolored ‘Panna’ or creme dial. This Rolex Explorer has a black tritium dial and hands. The Explorere has an extra hand to show a second time zone. The Oyster bracelet has no stretch and is in excellent condition. The bezel has been replaced with the service and has no scratches or dents. Comes with the Rolex Moon crater box inner and outer box. Further to that it has the booklet and calendar from 1984. The Rolex runs immaculately within the COSC limits. For years this model was under appreciated but hunted by collectors these days. You will get a full years warranty on this Rolex Explorer 16550.