Rolex Datejust ‘Big Bubbleback’ 6305 gold from 1954.

This Rolex Datejust Bubbleback was a Christmas present in 1955. According to the serial number the watch dates from 1954. What a amazing gift. The back has engraved in it ‘To dad,times for love from John and Hannah Christmas ’55’. This is actually a beautiful provenance to the watch. We may only dream to receive a watch like this for Christmas, or do we? The 18 carat gold Rolex is very neat condition for its age. The ‘Pie Pan’ dial is original and has the so called ‘red writing’. The date dial is original black and red. The back is convex, to make sure that the movement fits. And thats what this Rolex Datejust ‘ Big Bubbleback’ 6305 gold from 1954 owes its name. The Big Bubbleback or lovely called ‘ovetone’ (egg) by the Italians. The movement runs smooth. The watch has a leather strap with the original Rolex clasp. These Rolexes really went up in value recently and that is meanly because estimated only a couple of thousand have ever been made.

Will you come and fit this museum piece around your wrist?