Rolex Airking LOGO Winn Dixie

Rolex Airking on a fat Oysterbracelet. In fantastic condition! Runs supersmooth. These logo dials are becoming very rare. Great chance to buy this Rolex Airking for you collection.You know, if more companies gave out Rolexes after ten years of service, today’s youth may have a little more dedication to their employers.  Don’t you think the employees of Goldman Sachs, UBS, and Citigroup would love to be gifted with a Rolex (even an Air King) after a decade of employment? We certainly do.Maybe they should take a note from Winn-Dixie.  Yes, this Southern supermarket has really set the bar pretty high when it comes to service rewards.  They gave out Rolex Air-Kings to their corporate employees after ten years of service.  The watch we have found today is from the early 1980s and features a vintage Winn-Dixie logo above 6 o’clock. This rare Rolex would make a great gift for anyone looking for a less-expensive double-signed Rolex, someone who is a logo collector.

More info about Winn Dixie you can find here.