Roamer Stingray Vintage Valjoux 72 chronograph.

In very good condition. Unpolished on an NSA Roamer bracelet from the early 1970s. The Roamer watch brand has existed since 1888. The company from Solothurn Switzerland started making watches in that period. Tool watches and chronographs also came from there from the 1960s. The Stingray line was one of the most famous. Beautiful thick watch cases and contemporary design. But especially the beautifully designed casebacks. With relief and logo. In this case of the design of a stingray or Rog in Dutch. You can read this wonderful story about the chrono and divers version here. This watch has been completely checked. Runs neatly for fifty years of age. The watch has a black dial with red accents. The hands are also red. The chronograph neatly resets all hands to zero. The case is thick and unpolished. The band completes it all. This is the original strap that came with the watch. From the NSA brand with the Roamer logo. These Novavit SA or NSA bracelets were also used by brands such as; Heuer, Rado, Zenith and Enicar. And are currently very popular with collectors. Especially because they wear very nicely and comfortable. This Roamer Stingray Vintage Valjoux 72 chronograph is therefore completely finished. Ready to be worn. Another watch that people will grab your wrist. Something you don’t see much of with great significance in the Swiss watch industry. And then we haven’t even talked about the movement. This special chronograph has the famous Valjoux 72 movement. The same timepiece we know from the Rolex Daytona but also from the Enicars Sherpa and Fortis Marinemasters. Roll Royce among Swiss timepieces. At least we think so.  Although without ‘The spirit of Ecstasy‘, but just as gallant on the inside. This Roamer Stingray Vintage Valjoux 72 chronograph can be worn on the wrist or you can put it in your collection.