Omega Seamaster 145006 vintage chronograph Cal 321.

If you really want to buy a nice Omega, this one might be for you. This Omega Seamaster has a diameter of 38MM. What makes this model special is that it is equipped with the same movement as the famous Omega Speedmaster. The caliber 321 which has also been to the moon. This movement is so well made that Omega has now taken it out of the stable. And start using it again in their new models. A very well thought-out chronograph and very thoroughly tested by NASA. The watch is from the late 1960s but runs like new. The watch has a black dial and a tachymeter ring. You can time the eggs old school. Before the age of cell phones and digital alarm clocks. The watch has a vintage look leather strap. The orange second hand gives the watch a sporty look.

Omega has a very long history in making watches. Almost every watch enthusiast knows the brand. Mainly known as NASA’s flagship. In the early 1960s, Omega started using the caliber 321. Mainly in the Speedmaster but also in this model. This Omega Seamaster 145006 vintage chronograph Cal 321 has a slightly more modest appearance. Perhaps a sheep in wolf’s clothing. Less striking than the Speedmaster, but at least as good in terms of quality. An Audi RS6 with a top speed of 300 kilometers per hour.

We can offer you this watch for a more than reasonable price. Of course you get the famous 1 year warranty from us. NLWatch is known for its very good after sales service. We have had the watch completely checked by our watchmakers in Alkmaar. You can wear these for years without any problem. This Seamaster has long proven itself because it is in a beautiful condition for more than 50 years. You will receive a registered account from us and a certificate of authenticity in the form of a credit card.