Omega Flightmaster 910 GMT unpolished.

In the seventies a number of watches was especially designed for specific purposes. The famous Speedmaster went into space and even to the moon. But also this Omega Soccer was made or a purpose namely football players. The Omega Flightmaster was made for pilots and world travelers. With an extra hand to show different timezones. This extra hand can be controlled with the pushers  that are the same colors as the hands they are controlling. This omega Flightmaster 910 GMT has never been polished since 1970. The dial has discolored magnificently given it the all vintage look. The watch just came back from a full service. The glass has been replaced and some of the pushers have been newly placed. It runs as new and the bracelet is very tight. The case has never been polished. The inscription on the back looks very fresh. You will receive a full year warranty an a guaranty card. How many more miles will the Omega still make?