Fortis Marinemaster 8001 Blue chronograph Valjoux 72.

Do you want to buy a real Fortis? Then you’ve come to the right place. In addition to a ‘yellow‘ that we offer, we now also have a ‘blue’ inside. Completely overhauled and therefore runs like a sewing machine. Fortis is a Swiss watch brand that dates back to 1912. And has become well known for its colorful chronographs. This model is a cross between a classic chronograph and a divers watch. This model was delivered with yellow and blue registers. One is somewhat like the Rolex Daytona. The movement is the Valjoux 72. We have already written a lot about it. A workhorse. Used by the great of the earth. There are reports that this Fortis timepiece was regularly used to repair other timepieces. Because the bridge is not marked. The timepiece of this watch is that good. It has always been a question how many of this Fortis Marinemaster 8001 Blue chronograph Valjoux 72 were made. That is very unclear. Since they are offered very little. We are proud to have 2. The record is undamaged and has no scratches or the like. The case is unpolished. The watch has had a complete overhaul and has not been worn since. It has a new and unworn leather rally strap. The case measures 39 MM in diameter. A full size for a men’s or women’s wrist. Officially it is a submariner with an incredible water resistance up to 200M. That was really huge in the 70s. We do not guarantee water resistance on our vintage watches. You should also not drive a 250 with a restored Porsche 911. But you just gotta start wearing it. Because despite the fact that this chronograph is more than 50 years old, you can use it perfectly for daily use. A striking watch with nice features. Good for years of wearing pleasure. Now and then a new band but that will be it. We give a full year warranty on it. That is, if you are not going to swim with it in the North Sea.