Enicar Sherpa Graph MK4 EPSA Compressor case.

About 2700 were made of this type. Late ’67. This Enicar model is very popular at the moment. Especially because of the size of the case. It’s a really great chronograph. With a diameter of more than 40MM, it is absolutely not inferior to current chronos. In those years it was a real eye-catcher because 37MM and smaller were actually the standard. Small was it after the 50s. Logical actually. It is more difficult to manufacture a small watch movement than a larger movement in a larger case. Collectors also call this model the MK4. The last model producer out of an serie of 4. This is because of the dial and the hands. The dial is black with white / silver registers. The Valjoux 72 movement has a steel ‘EPSA’ case. Also called compressor case. This is because of the way the case is pressed and ‘sealed’. Enicar used these EPSA cases for several models, including the ‘Super dive’ but also the Sherpa guide GMT. This Enicar Sherpa Graph MK4 is completely original and even has the famous ‘Waffle crown’. Most crowns do not survive 50 years. And they can no longer be found. The Enicar brand has been around since 1914. The Racine family were the founders. It is funny to know that Enicar is actually the family name spelled backwards. Thery produced several models. But really became well known with their ‘tool watches’. For aviation, mountain climbers and divers. Several expeditions were also sponsored by Enicar. Rallysport was  famous for its Enicar sponsor contracts. A bit like Rolex now in Formula 1. There is now a large fan base of these watches. In an absolute niche market. Because not many chronographs from this series have been made. There are only 500 of the first Sherpa Graph modelever build. A wonderful book has now also been written by a very enthusiastic Dutch author. With the purchase of this Enicar Sherpa Graph MK4 you will receive the book from us for free. If you want to buy a beautiful Enicar then you’ve come to the right place.