Enicar Racing Chronograph Pre-Sherpa Gerhard Mitter.

Made in the late 60’s. With an original steel Enicar bracelet. Rare brown / beige plate. (Which we have never seen before). With an original Enicar unstamped warranty certificate. The model number 072-01-03 is actually the predecessor of the highly sought after Sherpa models. Less expensive but with a long road ahead. This chronograph is also known as the “Gerhard Mitter’. A German Formula 1 driver who had his active years between 1963 and 1967. Mitter was then sponsored by Enicar. And therefore wore this watch. Truly a sports and rally chronograph. Again powered by the Rolex Daytona Valjoux 72 movement. The Enicar Sherpa series including the Auqua graph, Jet graph and Sherpa graph are almost impossible to find. And the prices are skyrocketing up to 10K. Actually not surprising because Enicar has a very large history and has suffered a tragic fall during the rise of quartz watches. Enicar was not the only one, but unfortunately one of the best. If you want to know more about Enicar, we have a beautiful book for sale. We include a free book for the buyer of this watch. Just like a full year warranty as you are used to from us. The strap attached to the watch has no stretch. But is for the small wrist. We also will add a leather strap. The incabloc warranty certificate is unique. These are rarely found with a watch of this age. The Enicar brand, which is the founder’s surname, but spelled the other way around (Racine ed.) still exists. Unfortunately no longer in Switzerland. That is why these Swiss timepieces are so special. And must also be on the wrist of a special person. With a diameter of 37MM, this can be a man or a woman. We hope a woman but that is not up to us 😉