Certina Chronolympic ref 8501 503 blue dial.

Another rare chronograph on NLWatch. A Certina watch from the Chronolympic series. With a soft blue dial. Unfortunately does not come to full effect on the photo. Certina started making these sports chronographs in the late 1960s. This was at the request of the Olympic committee. And a large collection of different models followed. This Certina Chronolympic ref 8501 503 blue dial was made between 1968 and 1972. In our opinion the best years for the these watches. But the brand also has 130 years of experience in making watches. Not only for the Olympics but also for various expeditions. Of which the Japanese Expedition to Mount Everest was one of the best known. The watch on this expedition of the Certina DS2. We will also receive them soon. At the moment with our watchmakers for inspection. The Certina that we offer here is in good condition. The watch is in worn condition and the strap has healthy stretch. Very normal after 50 years. The timepiece, the famous Valjoux 72, runs very well. Again a chrono with the movement of a Rolex Daytona. The strap has small links and a signed original Certina clasp. Which originally belonged to the watch. Usually we see them with aftermarket tires. The strap is not at full length and for the small wrist. The plate has a beautiful blue solid color and has no damage. The registers reset properly as they should. Truly a very wearable chic / sporty vintage chronograph. A good investment, but above all a lot of vintage fun. We also have the site also the super rare brother of this watch. The Certina Regatta. Just like this one with beautiful colors and ditto finish. Will this Certina Chronolympic ref 8501 503 become yours? We certainly hope so. A piece of jewelry on the wrist and a watch with a beautiful story.