Certina Chronolympic Chronograph Regatta Valjoux 72.

One of the most special ‘Chronos’ ever made. Unpolished and in very good condition! Another fantastic piece from the 1970s. The era where the most beautiful and funky chronographs were made. This Certina Chronolympic Chronograph Regatta has the famous Valjoux 72 movement. To be precise, the  Valjoux 728. A modification of a workhorse which was also used in the famous Rolex Daytona. These Valjoux 72 Rolexes go through the roof and are no longer affordable for the mere mortal. Just think of the Paul Newman Rolex Daytona that was recently auctioned. Therefore, these Chronographs are gaining in popularity very quickly. Makes sense, because the timepiece is the same with a few modifications. An Alfa Romeo formula 1 car with a Ferrari engine? Or team Haas? Now that Rolexes are no longer affordable, you see that collectors are slowly switching to these watches. And with good reason. They are only made in very small numbers, have amazing movements and Swiss precision. Anything but a mass product. Model 8701 504 and made in the early 1970s. This Certina was made with the permission of the Olympic Games in Munich in 1972. The dial is in very good condition. The colors are beautiful and the tritium undamaged. It has a new black leather 22mm Hirsch strap. All functions of the chronograph work perfectly. And with a length of 44mm and a width of 40mm, it is a mature and large watch. At that time, Certina was the purveyor of these types of Olympic watches. We expect to receive a few more at Nlwatch soon. Not this model because there are not many of them. Maybe not anymore, unfortunately. But we cannot see that far into the future. We once sold Rolex Submariners for 1500 euros. There are times when we sometimes look back on it with melancholy.