Breitling Pupitre Pult Chrono-Matic Bullhead 7101 Caliber 7740.

Sometimes we come across something very special. That is also the case with this Breitling. The Breitling 7101 is certainly not to be found on a  daily base. And definitely not in this state. The case is NOS. The sticker from the factory is still on the case back. The very rare 7740 caliber has just had maintenance and runs fantastic. These Breitling came with a blue and a brown plate. It is up to you to judge but we think the soft blue dial is definitely the most beautiful. The dial is in very good condition. The watch is actually much nicer than the pictures. The pushers and the crown are at the top of the case. This gives the watch the nickname ‘Bullhead’. There is a new aftermarket leather Ostrich band in exactly the same color as the plate. With an original Breitling buckle. This Breitling Pupitre Pult Chrono-Matic Bullhead 7101 Caliber 7740 is a rare appearance. Wears wonderfully on the wrist and will make a lot of watch lovers heart’s skip a beat!