Why should you buy an Omega.


Omega is a well-known brand with a fantastic story behind it. Who does not know the Omega Speedmaster? The watch used by NASA for the first space walks as well as during the moon landing. But also worn by Tom Hanks in the movie Apollo 13. Did you know that the Omega Speedmaster was actually used as a timer in the Apollo 13 disaster? Most of the instruments had failed and crucial decisions were made based on the time display of the Swiss timepiece. But now we digress.

An Omega watch is for anyone who has an affinity with the history of space travel. But also goes for reliability and accuracy. NASA has tested the watch under the most extreme conditions. So that says enough. Furthermore, the vintage models such as the Railmaster, Seamaster and the Ranchero are timeless models. So very portable. Omega is a little behind the Rolex rally. There it could just be a good investment. They deserve a ‘correction’, although the old Speedy’s are still quite through the roof. Omega also connects her to various sports such as Golf, Sailing and Swimming. But especially well known as home chrono supplieer of the Olympic Games.

Nowadays, Omega also makes beautiful ladies’ watches. Often with mother of pearl colored plates and diamond bezels. But also the James Bond models such as the Seamaster 300.

An Omega is a great fit for a person with a lot of interest in technology. But also in sports, of course.
Omega was founded in 1848, making it one of the oldest existing watch brands. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of that.
For the ladies you can buy a very stylish watch for a relatively low price. With or without diamonds or mother-of-pearl plate. Often they also come with very pronounced colors in their leather straps. (Pink and Turquoise)
An Omega is a good investment. Almost all models are very stable in value.

When you buy an Omega, you really have something special on your wrist. A watch that has changed world history. And therefore always a good story at a birthday or a party.