We are an independent salescenter of used brand watches and accesoiries. All item are pre-owned. We do not sell new watches. Our watches are ‘margin’ products. VAT has been paid and can not be re-imbursed. We can not be held responsible for any local custom procedures or cost’s.

Each watch comes with a three-day return policy. The three days (business days) starts when you receive the watch.

If there is a problem with a watch, notify us within the three days. If you have any concerns about the authenticity, or the functions of the watch, this should also be taken care of in the three-day period.

If you plan on returning the watch, you must send the watch back to us within three days of agreement to do so and in the condition it was received. Return Shipping is not refundable. If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to call us. We want to work with you to resolve any problems in an agreeable way.

Because of our small margins on our watches we only accept bank wire or cash payments.

Wire transfers have gotten a negative image thanks to international scam artists, but it is safe to send wires to reputable businesses. Before you send us a wire, we invite you to check us out to your satisfaction. We have sold watches to hundreds of happy and satisfied customers. We are registered with the Dutch Chamber of commerce (56848099) and ‘TRUSTED’ seller on Chrono24. If you are not happy within the return period we will refund you your money without any delay.

Our used watches have a 90 day “good will” warranty. We believe this gives plenty of time to realize any problem we may have missed beyond timing the watch on our timing machine. We like to keep our used watches priced competitively and the cost of warranting them for longer would result in higher prices…for a service most people don’t ever use. For your comfort, an optional one-year warranty is available on these pieces and is figured on an individual basis. Let us know if you would like this option.

No, we work out of a secure office building. If you live in the area and wish to see a specific watch that you are pretty sure that you want; give us a call. We do not see walk-ins, so please call (+31644444626) for an appointment. Be aware that many of our watches are shipped from secure locations off-site or are stored at the bank.

All of the pre-owned watches advertised on www.NLWatch.NL are 100% Authentic. The serial and reference numbers will be intact. In all the time we have been in business we have never even accidentally sold a fake watch. Selling even a single fake would ruin a reputation we have been building for years.

Each pre-owned watch we receive goes through a rigorous inspection process. All our watches have been checked by our watchmakers. Both on authenticity and on status of the movement. If needed they are fully serviced and adjusted.

If you purchase an watch from us and it is found to be not authentic, we will refund you, plain and simple.

Our pre-owned water resistant style watches are not tested for water resistance. We can test it for you but we do not guarantee them to be water resistant.

We look for the best deals we can find on quality watches. We have been doing this for a long time and are well connected. We are not an “authorized retailer” for our watches because doing so would restrict us from giving you the big discounts that we do. We price most of our watches to sell. We buy low and sell low and we make our money on sales volume.

The majority of our prices are firm and priced to sell within days. We prefer not to spend our time responding to below cost offers and offers for watches where we are already the best price around. It also creates an adversarial relationship that we prefer to avoid. We periodically review our entire inventory and will reduce prices on pieces that we have had for too long.

No claims can be made regarding ‘Reservations’ unless an downpayment has been made. After the downpayment the resevervation is valid for 7 days. After agreement of price/delivery and payment the transaction will be terminated if the payment has not been received within 7 days.

We try to work as accurate as possible but due to the high volumes of watches there might mistakes in the description. We can not we held responsible for that Information and content might be changed without notice.

www.NLWatch.NL is not an official nor an authorized dealer for any product offered or sold and has no affiliation with the manufacturer. All brand names and trademarks are the property of their respective owners and are used for identification purposes only. www.NLWatch.NL is the sole warrantor. Genuine factory warranties no longer apply.