Unique Enicar boek ‘Time for a chance’.

Now for sale at NLWatch. An unique book about Enicar en ‘a must have’ for the Enicar collector!

In 1913, Swiss watch brand Enicar was founded in La Chaux-de-Fonds. It would become one of the first watch manufacturers to export watches to China in the 1950’s. With factories in Lengnau and Oensingen, the business of founder Ariste Racine made impact with high quality time pieces. Enicar sold over 800.000 wrist watches per year in more than 90 countries worldwide. And then the ‘quartz crisis’ hit. In 1987, Enicar ended.

Martijn van der Ven is a long-time admirer of Enicar and its heritage. In 2018, he decided to create a book about the lost brand. He went to Switzerland to do research and interview former employees. He even traced down the grandson of Ariste Racine, now 76 years old. Thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign, Martijn was able to carry on his passion project.

The 280 pages thick book will be a combination of storytelling, interviews, design, antique advertising, watch brand history and photography. For the photography, Martijn and his team ‘recreated’ set pieces from 1979, 1971, 1968, 1944 and even 1918.

Time for a change, discovering vintage Enicar // Tuurlijk (Martijn van der Ven) + Eliska Slovakova + Mizdruk + Maarten Coolen + Verse Beeldwaren

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Photo credit: Verse Beeldwaren, Nancy Ostermann, Geertjan Cornelissen